Live Encounters Poetry Offering December 2016

The many types of love are on the bookshelf way up there, the agape and the like, in the history of ideas. The greatest advice my parents ever gave me was “look it up,” and so I have, and so I do. I look things up. I write things down. I’m not sure why it’s never the other way around. – John Fitzgerald, On Love and Poetry


Alessandra Bava – Mythopoesis
Claudia Serea – The Sound of the Andes
John Fitzgerald – Guest Editorial – On Love and Poetry
John Hoppenthaler – From Domestic Garden
Laura J Braverman – Solace
Lee Upton – As Always, Indiscreet
Linda Ibbotson – In the Absence of Boundaries
Patrick Cotter – Pitiable Love
Rachel Brownlow – Whale Breath Days
Randhir Khare – Voices in the Dark
Richard Jarrette – Replies to Ch’ü Yüan
Terry McDonagh – Three Poems Inspired by Women