Live Encounters Magazine Vol 3 December 2015

12 poets share their metaphysical world with us. Their words are in sync with the rhythms of a life bereft of the ravages of hate, anger and extreme violence.  We thank the 12 poets for their generosity in sharing their wisdom with the readers. Perhaps one day a poet will be born to lead us away into a world where word is song and food, the love for all living things. The Guest Editorial is penned by Noel Monahan, a celebrated Irish poet. This issue would never have seen the light of day without the kind guidance and help from our Founding Contributor, Terry McDonagh, an outstanding Irish poet, playwright and writer.

Live Encounters Magazine Poetry Volume Three December 2015

Andrew Forster – Homecoming
Dominic Taylor – Poems from Limerick
Geraldine Mills – An Urgency of Stars
Jim Burke – I Didn’t Get Where I Am
Joachim Matschoss – Poems from times on the road
John Corless – A Single Mission
Miceál Kearney – Inheritance
Natalie Wood – Poems From Home But Abroad
Noel King – Sons
Noel Monahan – Guest Editorial
Paul Casey – Poems Previously Unpublished
Terry McDonagh – Echolocation

Live Encounters Magazine Volume 3 Poetry December 2015