Live Encounters Poetry & Writing March 2017

Presenting LE Poetry in a new avatar – Live Encounters Poetry & Writing – featuring poetry, short stories, flash fiction and book reviews from Australia, China, India, Germany, Ireland, USA, Peru. The cover artwork has been specially created for us by Emma Barone, a fabulous and generous Irish Artist. Please share this issue. It is free. – Mark Ulyseas 

Banner Final Live Encounters Poetry & Writing 2017

Anni Wilton-Jones: Exodus  ♦ Anne M Carson: Massaging Himmler ♦ Laura J Braverman: Terra Mater ♦ Michael Durack: Grandpoems for Grandchildren  ♦  Bob Shakeshaft: Awake  ♦  Glen Wilson: Passing on, Passing Through  ♦ Maria Miraglia: Two Love Poems  ♦  Stephen Haven: Talisman  ♦  Geraldine Mills: Feet First  ♦  Azril Bacal: Twilight  ♦  Tobi Alfier: Mercy and Melody ♦  Terry McDonagh: An Emblem of our Time 2017  ♦  Amy Newlove Schroeder: Two Poems  ♦  Richard James Allen: A Shaft of Darkness  ♦  Hongri Yuan: The City of Gold               ♦  M L Williams: Stations of the Cross
Flash Fiction
Ian Watson: Hand Luggage
Short Story
Brian Kirk: Boy and Man  ♦  Susan Condon: The Visit  ♦  Doreen Duffy: Vico Road
Book Review
Mark Ulyseas: Book Review of Lady Cassie Peregrina

Live Encounters Poetry & Writing March 2017 s