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Reshaping, poems by Colin Dardis

Colin Dardis is a poet, editor, freelance arts facilitator, creative writing tutor and mental health advocate, based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. He is one of Eyewear Publishing‘s Best New British and Irish Poets 2016, and an ACES ’15-16 recipient from Arts Council Northern Ireland. A collection with Eyewear is forthcoming in late 2017/early 2018.

​Known for his devotion to building up and supporting Northern Irish poets, Colin is also the founder of Poetry NI and online editor for Lagan Online. His work has been published widely throughout Ireland, the UK and USA.

Having had a speech impediment when younger, attending speech therapy classes throughout primary school, Colin’s initial interest in language and words grew out of these formative experiences. His personal history of depression and mental illness is also an ongoing influence on his work, which has led to a number of poetry-related charity readings and work in this field. 

1 Colin Dardis Live Encounters Poetry February 2017

2 Colin Dardis Live Encounters Poetry February 2017

3 Colin Dardis Live Encounters Poetry February 2017

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