Terry McDonagh – I am Cassie

Terry McDonagh I am Cassie Live Encounters Magazine Volume Two December 2014

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I am Cassie a poem by Terry McDonagh, Irish Poet, Playwright and Writer

I’m submitting a poem, which people seem to like very much. It is called ‘I am Cassie’. Cassie is our dog that we got from the ISPCA where they took good care of her. However, she must have been abused before she got to them as she was very nervous. I’m happy to say she is growing in confidence and seems less afraid. I don’t understand people who have to abuse animals. I suppose they are no different when it comes to people.

I am Cassie

It’s as if only yesterday a dark beast
used to lurk under my skin, but now
that I’ve found a home and family
I don’t have to be afraid anymore.
They wait by the gate looking puzzled
when panic, hidden in my bones,
twitches in me like forgotten history.
I am a dog – only a dog and know
that’s what they want me to be. I don’t
have to write, struggle with words or
read a book of fairy tales to young ones.
They’re not scared of me – don’t have to be.
I learned not to bark in my previous home
where I was beaten for being dog and dumped.
Sometimes when I wake in a mess of sweat,
I imagine I have another name – not Cassie.
I try not to peep over my shoulder into the past.

© Terry McDonagh

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