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A Celebration of Indonesian Cuisine by Executive Chef Putu Yudana at Waka Gangga, which has been selected as Bali’s Best Resort for 2014 by The Yak magazine

I am a Balinese by birth and live on the beautiful island of Bali. I enjoy leading a simple life. But with the simplicity of my living, I like to create variety through my passion for cooking.

I like the food that is easily available and is simple to prepare. We don’t have to demand food which is very difficult to find. With the ingredients that we have, I try to cook different type of dishes.

  “I try hard to make my cooking authentic. I don’t believe in fusion and I want my dishes to taste true to their roots. The only change I like to make to the original recipes is to make the dishes a bit lighter, whenever possible. We also offer a choice of small or regular portions and encourage guests to share food with family and friends, just like in most Balinese homes, known as “megibung eating style” on the island. I want my guests to enjoy the food, the service and of course, the beautiful views surrounding our location.”

As I come from a traditional village on the island, I am very familiar with the authentic Balinese food cooked at home.

In the villages, very simple and basic cooking utensils are need. But all ingredients are freshly picked from the garden. Driftwood and banana leaves light fire in the traditional brick and mud stoves in our village homes.

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Putu Yudana, Executive Chef In-Charge F&B Department, Waka Gangga,Tabanan, Bali, Indonesia www.wakahotelsandresorts.com 

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