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The Most Intimate Relationship – Dr Candess M Campbell

This year, my focus has been on relationships. In Live Encounters Magazine, I have explored everything from Arranged Marriage to Sexual Addiction. As much time and energy you put into living with and loving others, the deepest and most intimate relationship you have is with yourSelf. The foundation of my life work has been to assist people in creating a deeper relationship with themselves. They do this by accessing their own intuitive information. This is a process of becoming conscious and taking action.

At this time in your life it may seem everything is accelerating. Slowing down and finding time for yourSelf takes extensive planning. It takes a concerted effort. The pace of your life over stimulates you. There are necessary and unreasonable expectations on your time. Showing up for activities that you planned or those planned for you overwhelms you. In addition social media, television and gaming tempt you into oblivion. As you respond to the external stimulation, the external environment; you neglect your own inner environment; your heart and soul. With your reactive lifestyle, filled with talking heads and insistent friends and family, you may rely on others to form your opinions, your beliefs, and to decide your life direction on any particular day. Your obligations can be overwhelming.

In a numbing attempt to go along to get along, your life becomes habitual rather than intentional.

Stop for a moment. Take a couple breaths. Close your eyes. Reflect on your experiences in the last year. Start with January and go through month by month. What has happened to you? What changes did you make? What have you accomplished? Where were you in control and where did you feel you gave up control to someone else? When you reminisce on what your goals were for this year, did you stay on course?

This time of year, the last month of the year is a natural time for reflection and planning. It is easy to think of the New Year and have high hopes for the future. I agree. There are high hopes for the future. It isn’t haphazard though. It comes with conscious intention. Here is a formula that works and it is fun and easy.

January 1st is a powerful day in that it energetically and symbolically sets the stage for the whole year. Plan carefully what you will do on that day. For instance, if your focus for the year is spending more time with family and friends, plan your activity for that day with family and friends.

Rather than just planning for another day with them, step up and make it an incredible day. Elevate the mood with something special. Maybe it will be an exceptionally fun activity or a meal of high quality organic food. You may choose a restaurant with the perfect ambiance or spending more time truly listening and giving to your loved ones what they want. This is usually your time and devoted attention.

Now look at the first day of the month. The beginning of every month sets the stage for that month. If a focus for the year is abundance and an increase in income, bring consciousness to money the very first day of each month. Whether you find a way to work smarter, research a business opportunity, put money into savings or just count your money; use that day to heighten your sense of financial accomplishment and attract more income.

Next look at the first day of each week. Maybe you are stressed and find yourself exhausted at the end of the day. By Friday you are too tired to do anything but wind down with too many beers or numb out with television. If exercise was a goal for the year, plan on the first day of the week to increase your exercise through the day. Continue throughout the week. Take a walk at your break rather than grabbing a sugary snack and working at your desk. Get outside and enjoy the fresh air, whatever the temperature and precipitation. Shift your pattern and increase your movement and clear your mind. By Friday you will be happy you did.

What about the first hour of every day? This is a time that you transition from the dreamtime to awakening. This is the best time to meditate if you have a mind to do so. It is much easier to meditate in the morning before your mind becomes cluttered with daily activity. If mediation is not your plan, be conscious of the first hour of the morning. Get out of your hurried routine and use the first hour doing what you enjoy. Whether it is a luxurious hot bath or taking 15 minutes to read your novel, start the day with what you love.

What is so interesting about this concept is there is nothing but beginnings. Allow yourself a fresh start not only every year, but also every month, week, day, and hour. Renew yourSelf and your Life!

The most intimate relationship you have is with yourSelf!


Candess M. Campbell, PhD is the #1 Best-selling author of 12 Weeks to Self-Healing: Transforming Pain through Energy Medicine. She is a Blogger, Intuitive Success Coach and International Psychic Medium Healer. She has practiced as a mental health and chemical dependency counselor for over 30 years.  

© Dr Candess M Campbell

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