Join the Indigenous Mobilization in Brazil!

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Help Make History!
Take Action for Indigenous Rights in Brazil!

Join the Indigenous Mobilization in Brazil!

Last week, courageous indigenous leader Mayalú Txucarramãe shared her concerns about threats to the Kayapó people and the Xingu Basin due to construction of the Belo Monte dam and recent attacks on indigenous peoples’ rights in Brazil. This week she joins her family and thousands of indigenous people from throughout Brazil in a national mobilization in defense of their constitutional rights. Take action today to show your support!

In response to a widespread attack on indigenous peoples’ rights and territories by the Brazilian Congress backed by agribusiness, mining and energy interests, Brazil’s National Indigenous Association (APIB) has called for a national mobilization until October 5th, which marks the 25th anniversary of the Brazilian Constitution guaranteeing the rights of indigenous peoples.

Let’s make sure that these rights are guaranteed.
Take action today to show your support!

The Brazilian Congress is about to consider proposals that would eliminate indigenous rights to resources in cases of “relevant public interest” and to reduce protections to indigenous territories and stop any new demarcations. This means more dams, mining and agribusiness expansion – not good for the Amazon, not good for people like Mayalú who live there…not good for me or for you living on this planet that we share.

Indigenous peoples are marching in cities across Brazil this week, meeting with congressional representatives and holding press conferences in defense of their rights and territories throughout the Amazon and beyond. Amazon Watch is on the ground with them. Wherever you are, won’t you join us?

Stand with Mayalú and indigenous peoples throughout Brazil by sending a message to President Rousseff today!

For indigenous rights and the Amazon,

Leila Salazar-Lopez
Leila Salazar-Lopez 
Program Director

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