USA, Turkey and Russia will decide the fate of ISIS.

USA Turkey and Russia

Just heard Obama at G20 and Hollande speaking now…basically it is like drawing endless circles. The country that appears to have been missed in the “Talk” is Turkey. Without the complete assistance of Turkey in all spheres of action in the ME there are doubts that ISIS will be defeated, if at all.

The price tag for Turkey’s cooperation is full membership of the EU, which Germany appears to be backing but France continues to block. France, of course being the bastion of liberty, equality etc., objects to Turkey’s role in the genocide of the Armenians. Naturally France’s bloody role in the affairs of other countries is irrelevant.

One wonders how the Russian bear will view all this. Of course Russia’s complete backing is vital.

Russia has announced that Hamas and Hezbollah are not terrorist organisations. Curiously, the French military has been at odds with its own government claiming the same! Yet France continues to bomb Assad, which is supported by Hezbollah.

images (4)To destroy ISIS and bring about a vestige of normalcy in the ME, it would require a full military assault by the combined forces of USA, Russia and Turkey with back up from Iran.

Perhaps there is a God and we can expect miracles.

In the meantime I shall leave you with these words from Pope Francis commenting on the recent terror attacks in Paris…He called it World War Three, piecemeal.





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