Paris Killings – Why I am not surpised

Pic by Mark Ulyseas
Pic by Mark Ulyseas

by Mark Ulyseas

For centuries western countries have colonised other countries and taken what they assumed was their divine right as victors. Destroyed indigenous tribes, took salvation to the natives and translated ‘civilisation’ into one who wore western clothes and sang from Christian hymn books on a Sunday morn.

The day the western world adopted Christianity, they bastardised the teachings and adopted pagan rituals into the faith.

For them it was us and them.

Years later the world’s last super power and its side kicks in Europe have lectured the rest about ‘civilisation’, human rights and more. Yet they have illegally invaded, bombed and even used chemical weapons like Agent Orange in an attempt to bring ‘civilisation’ to the natives.

The result was anything but civilisation. It was death, disintegration of nations and more importantly the dismemberment of families.

The latest reports of criminal incarceration, torture and more only confirms the hypocrisy of these countries. The rendition flights and other little thingies they consider as their divine right has finally shown results.

The oppressors now find their own homes invaded by gun totting masked men hell bent on bringing (in reverse) salvation to diseased societies. Societies that have been built by corporations and banks and the elite.

Killings will continue. The invasion began the day other countries were colonised.

Why are people so upset about those gunned down in Paris? Do they ever wonder to whom the weapons they manufacture are sold to? How their own governments have been instrumental in decapitating other societies? Where their drones and gunships have killed thousands of innocent people…like families celebrating a wedding? People who have done no wrong…

What we are witnessing is not about religion. Religion is just an excuse.

It is about vengeance.

Historical vengeance.

And every day a bullet is fired, a bomb is dropped or an innocent person is killed in other countries the barometer of vengeance rises.

What a shame that western societies who claim superiority of ‘civilisation’ (whatever this means) have imprisoned themselves in a circle of hate and vengeance.

Perhaps the very soul of Christianity was lost when the Romans embraced this Faith of non-violence, of love and forgiveness.


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