I do not agree to the death sentence of the Delhi rapists

September 13, 2013

The death sentence included in the tough new anti-rape law in India has not stopped rape from continuing (like the Mumbai girl who was dragged into an abandoned textile mill, beaten and raped). A few days ago a man kidnapped a two year old girl, raped her and then threw her on the roadside. A father was arrested for raping his teenage daughter for years.

There is more, lots more.

The truth is that the death penalty does not act as a deterrent. The problem lies in society itself and how Indians view women. An American studying in India wrote about her experiences in India where she was ‘fondled’, masturbated at and men even showed their penises to her.LINK…  A Danish student had her clothes ripped off in public as she left a railway station in Northern India. The man was caught but the terrified student left India the next day.LINK

This is a country that continues to abort female foetuses, burn women for dowry and other incidental actions like mental torture etc. LINK

No, I do no agree with the death sentence.

It has not and will not solve any of the problems I have mentioned.

There is an inherent genetic disorder in the male population towards women in general, not just Indian women. And it is not based on religion but a deep septic culture ulcer.

For change to come it would have to be through education.

I repeat the death sentence will never be a deterrent.


Note: There is a Guru, Asaram Bapu, who is in police custody for the alleged rape of a sixteen year old girl. There is one encouraging aspect of the tough anti-rape law…police have to record women’s complaints and have to report to their seniors on action taken…and the Indian media is now roaming and combing the country to report all rapes or molestations of women.

I suppose we have to begin somewhere even if it means carrying out the death penalty.

A Clarification : The Death penalty in rape cases only applies to cases where the victim dies and not for rape cases per se. The death penalty to the rapists was for this and not for the gruesome rape. If the girl survived then these rapists would have got 10 to 20 years at the most. So in effect the death penalty in the rape case will never be a deterrent because rapists can continue to rape as long as they don’t kill their victim/s. Unfortunately, this message has gone out through the media and rapists will now be more cricumspect about beating the victims other than raping them:(

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