E waste from the West ends up in Asia – UN Report

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LONDON: An average American was responsible for generating 29.8 kg of hi-tech trash last year – six times higher than China’s per capita figure of 5.4 kg. 

A Briton on the other hand produced nearly 22 kg of e-waste by dumping their TVs, computers and mobile phones – seven times higher than an average Indian who generated nearly 3 kg of electronic trash last year for every person in its population. 

India generated 4362 metric kilo tonne of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE — anything with a battery or a cord) which ultimately resulted in 2751 metric kilo tonne of e-waste containing toxic substances such as lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic and flame retardants. 

UN has warned that it is likely that future US exports of e-waste will end up in India, as the only other glass-to-glass furnaces in the world (in China and Malaysia) are scheduled to close by 2013. 

The UN’s first ever e-waste world map released on Saturday shows that almost 48.9 million metric tons of used electrical and electronic products was produced last year — an average of 7 kg for each of the world’s 7 billion people. 


Resolution for 2014 – Ok folks, now keeping buying the latest electronic gadget and help in polluting the earth.

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