Has the social contract been abrogated?

The news these days is all about people on the streets protesting about a government‘s actions or inaction. Many are beaten, arrested, incarcerated. The existence of the Surveillance State is confirmed. Not that anyone doubted its existence. The move towards religious fundamentalism is growing and this violent energy fuels the politics of hate and divide.

The common thread that was used to weave the social fabric of a society is defective…the weft is warped and warp is knotted and frayed. There is no intrinsic strength, no value to this social fabric.

Borders are being defined be it in the bedroom, work place, city, country and even cemeteries…who gets to be buried with dignity and who gets to be chucked on the roadside. Life value is based on twisted concepts of civilised behaviour and contorted cultural notions of heritage.

Social structures are being dismantled and make shift ones are replacing them at a frightening pace, thereby uprooting time tested values of family and country. The new rules are being written as we go along, day by day, by anyone and everyone.

Ad hocism is the order of the day.

So has the social contract been abrogated or are we in the midst of renegotiating this contract to suit not the needs of all but those of a few?

© Mark Ulyseas, June 25, 2013

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