Butterflies of 2013

2013, another nail in the coffin or another feather where the sun doesn’t shine? Who cares? Each year chips away at the block, shaping it into a reflection of our dreams. And when the grim reaper comes a-callin’ we stare in disbelief at what we have created, a twisted figure emerging out of the rock.

Dreams and illusions are both pantomime acts that draw us away from the smell of reality that causes that itchiness in our nostrils as we step out of our homes to go wherever our passions take us.

Travelling through the labyrinth of life with its blind alleys doing the foxtrot with a loved one is a waltz that many among us are blessed with, while others remain on the periphery watching the shenanigans of life swirl and gyrate to the rhythms of the seasons. ..the floral tributes and the rain drenched sidewalks of concrete jungles that never sleep.

In 2013 some of us have awoken from chrysalises to become butterflies, ethereal creatures that make life beautiful, wonderful and redeeming.

One hopes that 2014 will bring many more butterflies to make this earth, ravaged by war, a little bit more bearable.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om

© Mark Ulyseas, December 11.12.13

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