And the Time is…

Firecrackers herald another contrived year…Time in numbers, just numbers, numbers that control every moment of our lives. So why do we live by our Time that has no consequence in the infinity of the universe? Are we prisoners to these digits that dissect and bisect every waking and sleeping hour?

Time appears to be the sorcerer, tempting even the unsuspecting illiterate away from the natural rhythm of life.

We appear marooned in a Time of our own making.

How do we get out of this trap that we have set for ourselves?

How do we break the perpetual hour glass?

Is Time merely the façade of a pensive God who has forgotten to wake up to the reality of mankind?

We are like rats in an exercise wheel…the wheel of a Time of our own making…

… And there is no one to stop it.

© Mark Ulyseas

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