Americans are not lazy President Obama

In your speech at the ASEAN Meet held in Vientiane, Laos, you had termed US citizens as being lazy, twice in your address. This being in reference to their ‘apparent’ disinterest in ‘other cultures’ and their obsession with their society, their country. The resultant applause from the audience was to be expected. (The debris of the last century’s illegal bombing of Laos and Cambodia by the USA still takes lives, maims hundreds every year: I am talking about the massive quantity of unexploded ordinance that still needs to be cleared and for which you have offered a piddly US$90 million as aid. Disgraceful.)

Your statement reflects a stunning ignorance and arrogance of ground realities, particularly in geography and history.

The USA is an immigrant country founded with the gun and now being run with the gun. The indigenous peoples have been kept in reservations like animals.

The country is an island nation.  It is not like Europe, Africa and Asia, which is one large land mass. And unlike this large land mass it has had no transmigration of vibrant cultures over millennia. The USA is, sadly, an unnatural country. The very basis of its ethos is European White Settler who brought along their slaves and carved out a country on someone else’s land. The ongoing Dakota pipeline protests where the indigenous peoples’ lands are being ‘invaded’ and guard dogs being released on the protesters as if they are slaves, the senseless killing of unarmed blacks and more is a genetic disorder – European White Settler Attitude.

US citizens over the years have been dumbed down by successive governments who are gradually stripping away the rights of the people.

No one is the world is more hard working than the average US citizen, many of whom are not even paid the minimum wage. Living costs have risen but wages have remained stagnant. In this scenario how do you expect a person struggling to make ends meet be interested in the culture of a hill tribe somewhere else across the seas, a place where the said US citizen would never have enough money to visit…nor the time or opportunity to read up on?

The person who is lazy is you Mr. President. A person who accepted the Nobel Peace Prize for having done NOTHING. And who at his acceptance speech justified the increased bombing of Afghanistan as a means to bring about peace.

No Mr President the people of the US of A are not lazy. They are simply used and abused by politicians with little or no morals.

Perhaps another revolution would set things right.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om

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