A Time to Sleep for the Blessed

The long road winding through instances of mindlessness and subtle nuances that cried out for coherency has ended. Sweat seeps through his thin cotton shirt as he rests on a large boulder overlooking the plain below dotted with temples and highlighted by a mighty river in spate. A gentle breeze rises from the depths of the past, blowing through him and spiralling up into the clouds.

Where has it all gone? The Love? The longing? The Lust for Life?

He gets up and walks to the edge and bends over to glance one last time at the earth below, bathed in the blood red rays of a setting sun…And then looks up at the sky… raises his hands in adoration to an unseen God and steps onto thin air.

A quietness descends on his soul as the great sleep comes in earth’s embrace.

When darkness falls the wild dogs come out of the shadows to feast on a carcass, fresh from the sorrows of the day.

They eat in silence for they too know that this was a blessed one who had fallen…

©Mark Ulyseas

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