Michael J Leach – Three Days

Leach LE P&W April 2024

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Live Encounters Poetry & Writing April 2024.

Three Days, poems by Michael J. Leach.

Three Days


Australia Day
I elect to work
from home


Anzac Day
the black swan’s bugle


Election Day
my TV screen glows
red blue green

The Bright Sides of La Belle Époque

Paris, circa 1871-1914

Light falls on rippling waters in Signac’s pointillistic paintings.
Artists fill the Montmartre, framing their lives & livelihoods.
Beauty fills the visual fields of quixotic Parisians.
Europe thrives between the Franco-Prussian War & WWI.
Lively people stroll the streets in this fresh, flamboyant fashion.
Lively people share their sheets in Eve and/or Adam’s fashion.
Eclairs share old shelves with new pastries like the Paris-Brest.
Émilie Charmy paints female models from a feminine perspective.
Peugeot automobiles cruise cobblestones, drawn by invisible horses.
Optimism perfuses the cerebra of quixotic Parisians.
Quixote rides a real horse at the New Circus on Rue St-Honoré.
Universities such as the Sorbonne illuminate industrial ideas.
Eiffel’s tower watches over an age-old city lit by electricity.

La Belle Époque is French for ‘The Beautiful Era’.

© Michel J. Leach

Michael J. Leach (@m_jleach) is an Australian poet, critic and academic. Michael’s poems have appeared in journals such as Cordite Poetry Review, exhibitions such as the Antarctic Poetry Exhibition, anthologies such as Poetry d’Amour 2022: Love Poems (WA Poets Incorporated, 2022), and his two poetry books: Chronicity (Melbourne Poets Union, 2020) and Natural Philosophies (Recent Work Press, 2022). Michael has won the UniSA Mental Health and Wellbeing Poetry Competition (2015), received a commendation in the Hippocrates Prize for Poetry and Medicine (2021), jointly won the poetry category of the Minds Shine Bright Confidence Writing Competition (2022) and had a poem shortlisted for the Woollahra Digital Literary Award (2023). During 2024, Michael will publish two new poetry books: a collection of haiku and senryu (In Case of Emergency Press) followed by a collection of poems exploring sounds and emotions (Ginninderra Press). He lives on unceded Dja Dja Wurrung Country and acknowledges the traditional custodians of the land.

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