David Dephy – The Sky

Dephy LE P&W January 2024

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Live Encounters Poetry & Writing, January 2024

The Sky, poems by David Dephy.

The Sky

The sky grew within my heart, one day,
I was standing in the front yard.
The sky was so high it penetrated me through.
Oh, what a sky it was, so familiar and powerful
the memories as the leaves fell off the trees.
They were on the ground, as the imprints of glances
once when we saw each other for the very first time.
No fighter aircraft up there, but kites.


Time is invisible at night—
the sound of premonition echoes in the dark,
thousand years ahead of eclipse,
and every night we give ourselves,
as if we found something precious
that it overwhelms all our wishes.

That star drifts above the black smoke.
Our loneliness is fading away.
The answer dwells in flickering flames
beyond the waters, mists, and dust,
showing us the meaning of trust,
expecting a miracle at dawn,
and we, reading the lines of lights
through the centuries of mysteries,
want to feel each other again,
we’d like to taste this second—
time of a miracle when truth emerges
in between echoes of explosions,
on the other side of alone.

Spirit of Silence

Language, the spirit of silence.
Each word, the heart of silence.
Without hearts we are sightless,
with fingers searching for rays.

I was circled by the cutlery of
emptiness, but I felt your breath
one day, I realized my existence.
Essence emerged from emptiness.

All the mysteries of our century
and all the answers flew with us.
Silence. Language of understanding.
Meanings, only. No words.

© David Dephy

David Dephy (he/him) (pronounced as “DAY-vid DE-fee”), is an American award-winning poet and novelist. The founder of Poetry Orchestra, a 2023 Pushcart Prize nominee for Brownstone Poets, an author of full-length poetry collection Eastern Star (Adelaide Books, NYC, 2020), and A Double Meaning, also a full-length poetry collection with co-author Joshua Corwin, (Adelaide Books, NYC, 2022).  His poem, “A Senses of Purpose,” is going to the moon in 2024 by The Lunar Codex, NASA, Space X, and Brick Street Poetry. He is named as Literature Luminary by Bowery Poetry, Stellar Poet by Voices of Poetry, Incomparable Poet by Statorec, Brilliant Grace by Headline Poetry & Press and Extremely Unique Poetic Voice by Cultural Daily. He lives and works in New York City

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