Peter Daly – Grateful

Daly LE Mag March 2024

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Live Encounters Magazine March 2024.

Grateful – Photo Feature, Birds of Connemara, West Of Ireland by Peter Daly.

The photo feature is best viewed by accessing the pdf or digimag.

01 Peter Daly LE Mag March 2024

02 Peter Daly LE Mag March 2024

04 Peter Daly LE Mag March 2024

05 Peter Daly LE Mag March 2024

06 Peter Daly LE Mag March 2024

© Peter Daly

Of Irish Indian extraction, I live in beautiful, inspirational and rural surroundings in the West of Ireland. My passions are photo-graphy and writing, affording me an oasis of peace and tranquility away from chaos. I am inspired randomly across many aspects of life, people, nature and sport, at home and abroad. I publish my work on my Facebook page, Ballygar Banter, which has 8,100 followers, set up ten years ago to help keep our expats around the world in touch with home. Involved with our local voluntary charity “Building for Children” I have written about and photographed their incredible work in Ethiopia These reports have brought great awareness about the plights of orphaned children, many blind and disabled, and helped raise substantial much needed funds towards renovation of their desperate abodes. Many of my photographs and some of my reports have been published or quoted in local and national media.

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