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Talukdar Live Encounters Magazine January 2024

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Live Encounters Magazine, January 2024.

Vietnam’s Allure – Capturing Everyday Life and Timeless Traditions
Photo feature by Lopamudra Talukdar.

The photo feature is best viewed by accessing the pdf or digimag.

01 © Talukdar LE Mag Jan 2024

02 © Talukdar LE Mag Jan 2024

03 © Talukdar LE Mag Jan 2024

04 © Talukdar LE Mag Jan 2024

05 © Talukdar LE Mag Jan 2024

06 © Talukdar LE Mag Jan 2024

07 © Talukdar LE Mag Jan 2024

08 © Talukdar LE Mag Jan 2024

09 © Talukdar LE Mag Jan 2024

10 © Talukdar LE Mag Jan 2024

11 © Talukdar LE Mag Jan 2024

12 © Talukdar LE Mag Jan 2024

13 © Talukdar LE Mag Jan 2024

© Lopamudra Talukdar

Lopamudra Talukdar based out of Kolkata, India, is a professional photographer with varied interests. While a mix of street, travel, and documentation photography fascinates her the most, she has also made her mark in the world of sports photography, covering the FIFA World Cups in Russia (2018) and Qatar (2022). Lopamudra realized early in her professional career, that her true calling lay in documenting the lives and stories of ordinary people. Drawn to the raw authenticity of the streets, she roamed through bustling metropolises and remote corners of the globe, capturing the human condition in its myriad forms. Her ability to blend into the fabric of a community, fostering trust and empathy, allowed her to capture intimate moments that revealed the true essence of her subjects. Through her lens, Lopamudra has revealed the beauty, struggles, and resilience of people who often go unnoticed. Her photographs have been featured in prestigious exhibitions, and international publications, bringing attention to the human stories that deserve to be heard. As Lopamudra continues to explore the world with her camera in hand, her focus remains steadfast. She seeks to document untold stories, highlight marginalized communities, and inspire positive social change through her evocative imagery. Additionally, Lopamudra leads photography workshops and curated photo tours to destinations as varied as Romania, Cuba, Vietnam, and Mexico, apart from her home country, India. She’s also a FujiFilm X-Photographer and global ambassador.

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