Aziz Azrhai – Orphans

Azrhai LE P&W 7 Nov-Dec 2023

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14th Anniversary Edition, Live Encounters Poetry & Writing Volume Seven Nov-Dec 2023.

Orphans,  poems by Aziz Azrhai.


Perhaps they finally understood
That life is a maze with doors and locks

That wars are a trick of gamblers
On the treasure of deception

That enemies are not all bad

That the truce is a sleeping mine
In the pod of friendships

That bullets are spoils of
Those expelled from the tables of the minority

That the dead are dried-up harvests
In the paddocks of books

That condolences are a monotonous song
The magicians delight in it

Perhaps they finally understood this
Orphans going to school
On a difficult day
Laugh at anyone…

On two banks

The secret we buried
In the last century
Stumbled at its shine
The horses of the antiquities

They came, unlike usual kindness
Armed with instincts
Smells drive them
Where doubt spreads

They were like blind people without goals
Their boats collide with the remains of the strangers

And just as we left our beds
They were looking back
As if there were lightnings
Guiding their intentions
Until the deposits cool down

In other words
We descended – together – from the tribe of tree cutters
Spread brutality for the bandits
And throw our nets into lands
Without fish

Each of us has his secrets
And the reasons

We forgot our feet in another century
When we were crossing the bridges of disappointment
Towards dictionaries of maps
And we dream of pruning bliss
With scissors that do not cool

We are now on the verge of doubt
And they, like us
On the second bank

Almost nothing has changed

Another day with knives at the back

The same drying faces
On the slopes

Eyes with coffins
And diggers

The softness of intermittent moaning
in rooms

Paved beds
With No speculations

The sheets themselves
And the smells
And the colors

The completion of the emanating delirium
From a continent
In a vessel

Curtains and needles
And the tablets

Wood clogs
In the corridors

The same insults
On the margins of the handshake

The flavor of coma in the air bottles

Boil spots on shirts

The sharpness of the voyeuristic look
From a hole
In a wall

Neutrality of strangers

And this same night
Its walls
Without numbers

Almost nothing has changed:
Except these “brown winds”
Which guards the snow fields
In exile for the elderly.

© Aziz Azrhai

Aziz Azrhai (1965) is a Moroccan poet and visual artist. He published eight poetry collections. He, also, held several art exhibitions inside Morocco and outside. In addition, he is a member of the House of Poetry in Morocco and a former official in its executive office.

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