Eugen Bacon – No words come

Bacon LE P&W 6 Nov-Dec 2023

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14th Anniversary Edition, Live Encounters Poetry & Writing Volume Six Nov-Dec 2023.

No words come, poem by Eugen Bacon.

No words come

is an upstream river through a gorge
undulating as clandestine ravens, crows hover above
an eagle out yonder circles the feast
is the edge of a dark road you don’t recognise
trees and weeds where a black crow descends
limestone washes the names of wingless birds
is the yawn of a poem entombed in a gilded lyre
a muted songline in a boundless loop
a gleaming aubergine sprouts where language is hexed
is just you and me at an entrance engraved with a lockless key
our minds in unison: in / out / open / close… but we don’t believe in signs
no direction where night will fall.

© Eugen Bacon

Eugen Bacon is an African Australian author of several novels and collections. She’s a British Fantasy Award winner, a Foreword Book of the Year silver award winner, a twice World Fantasy Award finalist, and a finalist in the British Science Fiction Association, Aurealis, Ditmar and Australian Shadow Awards. Eugen was announced in the honor list of the 2022 Otherwise Fellowships for ‘doing exciting work in gender and speculative fiction’. Danged Black Thing by Transit Lounge Publishing made the Otherwise Award Honor List as a ‘sharp collection of Afro-Surrealist work’. Eugen’s creative work has appeared worldwide. Visit her website at

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