Scott-Patrick Mitchell – wetlands

Mitchell LE P&W 5 Nov-Dec 2023

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14th Anniversary Edition, Live Encounters Poetry & Writing Volume Five Nov-Dec 2023.

Wetlands, poems by Scott-Patrick Mitchell.


a murmuration of ear
crest & creak, frog-speak
a throat opening to bubble
croak, sonorous: cicada
violin-string legs
crescendo as season melts
into mewl & hoot of unseen
owl-kin, speaking echo
to locate meal, silent slip
a yowl to fold night & wing
as we sing, somnolent
& sweating in the heat
which is an orchestra
of its own as we sit
on the edge, listening

hear is a meditation

Bedroom Scene

Into the wet laying work, succumb.
Our bodies brush. Tongues of paint.

Cover me in covet, sigil, paint.
An omen: you scry from me a future.

What body do we build together? Future
stock, investment housed in linen. Count

on me to hold on to you, for we count
as we shepherd this bed with little deaths.

Let us live this out, listen for our deaths
together. How love is an infinite cusp

but we are still far from it. Bravado a cusp
to expunge into the other. Remember

this as age spots our skin. Remember:
into the wet laying work, succumb.


is a strange animal

long-looker at the small

thinker who tinkers with lures as if preparing fishing lines

beast who wrestles with a cage of words

fawning leaper

scientist who would rather grow feather or fur

daydream cloud buster

walks so the angels can talk clearer

sometimes-cat curled around a tome

othertimes-avian with book nest

always on the prowl for the next great sliver to be caught in their jaw

pro-procrastinator and wind stitcher

elegant child of the difficult space

born lungs first, reciting

glimmer of the toad, the stool, the microbial

small elephant who is convinced the plume can make them fly

intrepid introvert, unless a microphone blooms beneath the staged lights

chaos compendium, expect when laying on the page, dressed in black ink, white space

do not feed them lest they follow you home

© Scott-Patrick Mitchell

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