Kit Willett – A Fruit, a Flower

Willett LE P&W 3 Nov-Dec 2023

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14th Anniversary Edition, Live Encounters Poetry & Writing Volume Three Nov-Dec 2023.

A Fruit, a Flower, poems by Kit Willett.

A Fruit, a Flower

She is a fruit: a peach, a plum. I press my thumbs
slowly into the fold and suck the juices. So, I plant
her seed in the soil and weep on it until it sprouts.

She is the soft-curved flesh, cupped-
in-my-hand sweetness. She is a memory
of those summer picnics.

He is a flower: poppy, rose. I tear him apart,
petal by petal. I dip my head low to breathe
in his scent. Still, he is the delicate dance

of growing, turning-towards-the-moonlight,
or the-wind-in-the-trees, and there is something
elegant about his stem.

She is the most perfect sunset: relief
of another day having passed, embrace
in the nighttime, comfort of familiar sights.

He is a body in motion: the trail of fabric,
the cello’s song, a twisting, a turning,
a leap across a lime-lit stage.

She is a new candle: all illumination
and beeswax scent;

he is the ocean shore: crashing
into me and then returning.

On Hold with the Bank

I walk the gardens, hands brushing
against lemon verbena and lavender
on either side before I spot it:
my hybrid tea rose. I pluck
a flower and return inside.

An ornate ceramic bowl and pitcher
set—a wedding gift—sits expectantly
on the table beside a heated towel;
The bowl already contains the warm
mixture: milk, honey, and egg yolk,
but I sprinkle the petals on top. I soak
my fingers while I listen to the Kiwiana
on loudspeaker.

After ten minutes, I rinse my hands
with water from the jug and dry them
carefully, thoughtfully. I brush on cuticle
oil and lie down while I massage it in.
My skin is soft, and my thumb glides
across each nail. I rub the excess
into my palm and close my eyes
while it dries.

A base coat, and it dries.
A first coat, and it dries.
A second coat, and it dries.
A topcoat, and it dries.

I trace my nail with a cotton swab,
and a man picks up to ask me
how he can be of assistance today.

© Kit Willett

Kit Willett is an Auckland-based English teacher, poet, and executive editor of the Aotearoa poetry journal Tarot. His debut poetry collection, Dying of the Light, was published by Wipf and Stock imprint Resource Publications.

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