Beatriz Copello – in the mind

Copello LE P&W 3 Nov-Dec 2023

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14th Anniversary Edition, Live Encounters Poetry & Writing Volume Three Nov-Dec 2023.

In the mind, poems by Beatriz Copello.

in the mind

what crazy fantasies
are awaken by your words
they flower like gums
after the fires burned them
they are like wild waters
that do not calm this passion
and overwhelm my soul
impossible dreams
that die before being born
imaginings in a corner of reality
i allow myself to enter that world
created by your lines and stanzas
rosemary sage and sugar
spice my life yet I know
that you don’t exist.


passion eroded
like some mountains
in the andes
tenderness deflowered
like a virgin raped
passion drowned
friendship mutilated
anger reigns
in the country
of our bodies
embraces metamorphed
into killing desire
repugnance rejection
yet …

searching for answers

the truth wrapped in silver foil
words silenced like those of a prisoner
nothing said no excuses
gated utterances unable to escape
forces that drive denialism
paradigm asserting the natural
accumulation of critical anomalies
relationship of shifting parameters
broad sweep of measured reality
deplorable mundane alternatives
tired of the usual narratives
of power and triumphalism
dispassionate cold myopic
ingrained desire to make sense
of the “messages in a bottle”

© Beatriz Copello

Dr. Beatriz Copello is an award-winning poet, she writes poetry, fiction, reviews and plays. The author’s books are: Women Souls and Shadows – Bemac Publications, Sydney. Meditations At the Edge of a Dream – Glass House Books, Interactive Publications,  Under the Gums Long Shade  – Bemac Publications, Sydney. Forbidden Steps Under the Wisteria 1Lesbian Love Lesbian Stories A Call to the Stars (Also translated and published in China and Taiwan). Witches Women and Words – Ginninderra Press. No Salami Fairy Bread – Ginninderra Press. Ramble – Ginninerra Press. Renacer en Azul Ciberwit Press (In Amazon). Lo Irrevocable del Halcon (In Spanish) Bemac Publications.

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