Susan Westcott – Friend

Westcott LE P&W 2 Nov-Dec 2023

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14th Anniversary Edition, Live Encounters Poetry & Writing Volume Two Nov-Dec 2023.

Susan Westcott, poem by Susan Westcott.


I haven’t seen her for years
Now here she is
At my shoulder

Her blue eyes
And crunched smile
Adding poignancy to the market

The lost years between us
In the dark corners in her eyes

How have you been?
Becomes a long answer
Trawling the unanswerable

Poured between us
From her soul
That looks out
Through blue orbs

“I’ve had my son
Living with me
He hasn’t been well”

My heart ached for
Those blue eyes
Turned black

She looked at me
Yearning for connection
I only had questions

My thoughts made comparisons
Aboriginal women
White nosey questions

I asked again
Trying a new warp
In the tapestry

“Sick in body, or mind?”
My slam dunk
Hit her brittle basket

The gong sounded
Silencing the market
Poor blue eyes

Wearing her body
Like a sack
Her edges frayed
poked through a cloth frame

My crispy skin friend
Had no sweet juice

She showed genuine interest,
In my car
We parted

I wondered
How she will look
Next time

© Susan Westcott

Born into a family of professional writers, words were crafted from passion for fun but mostly to lend purpose and meaning to a story. Outside of the family Susan, on the autism spectrum, lived without a diagnosis looking for her tribe and trying to make sense of the world. Art and nature seeded self love and respect for others though meaning, was often inaccessible. Observing colour, form and movement in silence or with sound was an array of sensory textures and after a career in Social Work Susan found self expression in poetry. After successfully raising two young and a public service career she now lives in retirement in Southern Tasmania. Several literary works have been published. Family and Friends appears in an anthology of poems, Quicksilver Water written by women in Tasmania. Susan has written a travel article for a women’s magazine and continues to find her voice.

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