Susan Glamuzina – Grief

Glamuzina LE P&W 2 Nov-Dec 2023

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14th Anniversary Edition, Live Encounters Poetry & Writing Volume Two Nov-Dec 2023.

Grief, poem by Susan Glamuzina.


The ending of a good book with no sequel
printer with no ink
empty cookie jar
wet washing on a rainy day
knife with a blunt edge
saved dollar that needs spending
dripping tap that can’t be turned off
juicy apple with a wormhole
empty letterbox, awaiting mail that won’t be delivered
dusty suitcase

I Can’t Eat It

donut calls me from my corn-blue plate
if I focus hard enough
I can taste the jelly splash
smooth cream and hidden sugar
crunch of the outside
cream – oh I want to taste that cream
to melt in my mouth

I wait till I’m alone, with no more jobs to do

I can choose to be sick
savour the taste
ignoring dairy’s effect on my stomach
sugar’s damage to my blood
fatty oil straight on my hips

alone in my safe space, I take that long-awaited blissful bite

3 am
food choices from the previous night
and the green blends into the porcelain

Spoken word

Eyes on me
wishing I could hide
I can’t be a poet
if I don’t speak
words out loud
so I swallow
hoping you won’t judge
or know the courage
it took for me to be here
sharing these words

© Susan Glamuzina

Susan Glamuzina is a published New Zealand author and poet who feels at home when there’s sand between her toes and her thoughts are in the clouds.

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