Emma Barone – Gallery of Cover Artworks

Barone LE P&W Nov-Dec 2023

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14th Anniversary Edition, Live Encounters Poetry & Writing October 2023.

Emma Barone is a skilled artist whose intriguing artwork has graced the pages of Live Encounters Poetry & Writing Magazine since 2017. Barone is a productive force in the field of visual arts thanks to her unlimited zeal and her one-of-a-kind creative vision.

Her art is colourful, underpinned by an emotional blend which transforms each cover into a visual treasure. Unique, not just by her artistic intelligence but also by her unwavering commitment, Barone is an artist who pushes through boundaries, exploring diverse themes and experimenting with genres.

Her artistic career is progressed by a wealth of limitless creativity combined with her steadfast devotion to artistic expression. The result? A vast body of work which continues to inspire, leaving a lasting impression in the worlds of design and contemporary art.

© Emma Barone

Emma Barone is a contemporary visual artist known for vibrant still life and landscape acrylic paintings on canvas. With a diverse design background spanning architectural ceramics, stained glass, and jewellery design, her artwork showcases bold brushstrokes, vivid colours, and textured playfulness. Inspired by nature and personal experiences, Barone’s emotionally resonant creations have been featured in notable publications. She has achieved recognition with 22 solo exhibitions, published 2 books in collaboration with writer / poet Eileen Casey, and secured a following among collectors and art enthusiasts. Her work is in private and public collections including The Irish Hospice Foundation, Midlands Regional Hospital, Offaly County Council, Tullamore DEW Visitors Centre and The Amsterdam World Trade Centre. https://www.emmabarone.com/

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