Sarah Meehan – Little Echo

Meehan LE P&W September 2023

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Live Encounters Poetry & Writing September 2023

Little Echo, poems by Sarah Meehan.

Little Echo

I have been thinking about how a bird
playing throw and catch
with its voice

can wake the echoes in the mountains

and how a dandelion in its youth
is a little echo
of the sun

and how a dandelion in old age
is a little echo
of the moon

and the way puddles and ponds
look like shards of sky

and how the wrinkled face of a
newborn is an echo
from the future

and how the light of a star
is an echo from the past

and the way the letter m
holds the shape of water

and the way my left hand
carries the imprint of my right

so that when they strike
the sound bounces off the evening

releasing the echoes from my palms
to hustle
home to roost.

Wing Prints

It is morning and a voice
is scaling three paired notes
like a stairway to the sky

so it seems if I could give my
whole attention and
yoke myself to its repeating

I could be rising
flight by flight,
flight by flight —


Coasting low along the river
a sleek-winged crow
spills its darkness,

a slick
across the water
that spreads

onto the raised-root bank
and gathers as a grass-
bound bird.


Emerging from cloud
as though formed of

a pair of cattle egrets
glide to the fields
where they feed

from the hoof-churned earth
as though sprung
from the earth.


At that hour when the sun
turns wool rosy
and the paddocks are filled

with flushed ewes and lambs
the curve-billed ibises
drift by

in fours and sixes
and descend to their roosts
in hush-spun spirals.

© Sarah Meehan

Sarah Meehan’s work has appeared in Crannóg and Cordite Poetry Review. She acknowledges the Jinibara people as the traditional owners and custodians of the land and waterways that are her home.

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