Maria Castro Dominguez – The man whose

Dominguez LE P&W July 2023

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Live Encounters Poetry & Writing July 2023

The man whose, poems by Maria Castro Dominguez.

Photograph of Maria Castro Dominguez by Antoinette Castro.

The man whose

piano got thrown
out of the window
into the street below
all his belongings
floating behind
fell out
of the window
screaming no not the piano.

People just looked
(or didn’t).
Some stole his blankets, some books
his tins of sauerkraut
a coat or two.
A few blocks away
another man’s piano
started rolling toward the window.

When the stony witness
becomes a flower

A mighty menhir stands eight
hundred metres high,
frog-shaped rock by its side.

Worshipped by ancients,
witness to volcanic eruptions
through layers of time. Below and above

clouds become an almost Renaissance sky.
The Fraile rock cliff-like on the way up
takes the shape of a monk praying.

Fissures become windows
onto a kaleidoscope of farmlands,

pine trees and the silent flight of falcons.
From above the Atlantic is a pause,

trembling between sister isles
and the moon (coming out too early),
and the sun (hidden on a bed of yellow)

exhaling wisps of ochre,
Only now the rock blooms into flowers.

© Maria Castro Dominguez

Maria Castro Dominguez is the author of ‘A Face in The Crowd’ her Erbacce–press winning collection and ‘Ten Truths from Wonderland’ (Hedgehog Poetry Press) a collaboration with Matt Duggan. Winner of the third prize in Brittle Star´s Poetry Competition 2018. Finalist in the 2019 Stephen A DiBiase Poetry contest NY and was highly commended in the Borderlines Poetry Competition. Her poems have appeared in many anthologies and journals such as Apogee, The Long-Islander Huntington Journal NY, Popshot, PANK, Empty Mirror, Live Encounters, The Chattahoochee Review and Salamander Magazine

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