Maria A Miraglia – What was it for

Miraglia LE P&W July 2023

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Live Encounters Poetry & Writing July 2023

What was it for, poems by Maria A Miraglia.

What was it for

Even among the most deafening noises
you can feel its call
you know you don’t want to go
but you also know it’s an invitation
that you are not allowed to decline
you think then
of what you would like to bring with you
what does not matter to you to abandon
but even more
you ask yourself
what it was for
crossing this world
beautiful and mysterious

How many times have you looked up into the sky
and wondered about the stars
shining like pearls
or sitting in the evening
on a rock
in front of the sea
thought of the earth
suspended in space
almost feeling a sense of dizziness

Useless thoughts
like similar others
like migratory birds
have crossed your mind
now you find yourself sick and old
to remember those moments
and you tell yourself
people have never had
the keys to open some doors
to grasp the meaning
of the immense
and of life herself

The snow

The snow falls down
Sudden unexpected
And the air fills with small white flakes
Carried by the wind
Which draw faint trifling eddies
In the air

Never seen so many
In this quiet seaside town
Surrounded by long beaches
And white cliffs

From the window panes
Just fogged up
I stay observing
The thin layer of white snow
Alighted on the branches of the trees
In the avenue enshrouded
By an unusual milky light
The windows of the houses are closed
Only silence in the streets

What a show
I tell myself
While the snow silently goes on falling

Picture gallery

Not a sound
not a word
only a strange silence
filled those rooms
but I could sense
among the ancient walls
moving presences
with stealthy steps
their heads ben

Those paintings on the walls
of women with ungainly features
pale bejewelled
of men in dusty grey wigs
sabres and sticks
aroused unknown fears

Images left there over time
testimonies of past lives
of stories confined in frames
movements perfumes voices
stolen from time

© Maria A Miraglia

Dr Maria A. Miraglia is born and lives in Italy. She is an educationist, bilingual poet, translator, essayist and ministerial lecturer for English language teachers. For a long time, an active member of Amnesty International and several other peace organizations. She is the Literary Director of the P. Neruda Association and a member of several international editorial boards. She is the recipient of a lot of international awards. Recent her election as a member of the European Academy of Science and Arts of Salzburg. Her latest work is Colourful Butterflies, also edited in her native language.

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