Susan Glamuzina – See the trees

Glamuzina LE Aotearoa NZ P&W April 2023

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Live Encounters Aotearoa New Zealand Poets & Writers April 2023

See the trees, poem by Susan Glamuzina

See the trees

the closer to the forest
the less the edges blur
noise in my head
replayed conversations
what I said wrong
how should I have acted?
clouds my mind
the trees centre me
reminding me to breathe
tree focused breath
the soggy scent
my head rests on the bark
throws a leaf between my hands
I now see the path because of the trees

© Susan Glamuzina

Susan Glamuzina is a New Zealand author and poet who feels at home when there’s sand between her toes and her thoughts are in the clouds. Susan’s been published in the New Zealand Poetry Society magazine – a fine line, good company lit, Spillwords, Tales of the Domain, Tales from Dominion Road, and a number of international anthologies. Susan was runner up in the national Poetry Day, Poetry at the beach 2022.

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