Chen Ming-Hua – Spring as Usual

Ming-Hua LE P&W Eng-Chin Jan 2023

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Live Encounters Poetry & Writing English-Chinese Edition January 2023

Spring as Usual, poems by Chen Ming-Hua.

Spring as Usual

Sitting upright in the chair, my chin on the instrument before me, my forehead in position, I wonder whether the present has overlapped the past or overlies the future… Laser correction in 2009, left retinal adhesion in 2014, left cataract removal in 2015, right cataract removal in 2016. Between the dazzling glare and the teardrop-dripping gap, I perplexedly perceive two red lips beneath the frontal mirror murmuring,

“Confess and get leniency!”




Digital Anatomy

55 pounds of AAA grade meat, 8 pints of good platelet blood, 24 premium ribs, several poems, misty shadows, unsettled soul, desire and sperm counts are very comparable

The poet has no research funds. He rationalizes himself with beef, eggs, a scale and his own body




Spring fever should not compete with blossoms

The tree’s mind was originally pink, but after conversion it became so colorful that it hardly appeared any difference from flowers– fallen leaves are contented to re-form the meaning of existence so sadly

Laying back is a cheery attitude to life




English translation © Anna Yin/© Chen Ming-Hua


Chen Ming-Hua, originally from Guangdong, was born in Vietnam in 1956. He settled in Los Angeles in 1979. In 1990, he and friends founded the bi-monthly poetry magazine “New World” (Chinese) and has been the editor-in-chief since then. He is the author of several poetry collections in Chinese, as well as prose poetry collections in that language.

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