Timothy Dell – Abstract Interiors from Melbourne

Dell LE Mag Vol Two Nov-Dec 2023

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14th Anniversary Edition, Live Encounters Magazine, Volume Two Nov-Dec 2023.

Abstract Interiors from Melbourne, artworks by Timothy Dell.

01 Dell LE Mag Vol Two Nov-Dec 2023

02 Dell LE Mag Vol Two Nov-Dec 2023

03 Dell LE Mag Vol Two Nov-Dec 2023

04 Dell LE Mag Vol Two Nov-Dec 2023

05 Dell LE Mag Vol Two Nov-Dec 2023

© Timothy Dell

Timothy lives and works in Abbotsford, Victoria. He studied Art History at Monash University and trained formally as a painter at The School of Encouragement in the late 90s in Byron Bay under inspirational teachers and painters, Lise Temple and Roland Weight. Timothy paints the light and colour of Australia and has an abiding love of these qualities in Van Gogh, The Australian Impressionist School and abstract painters of the 20th century such as Pollock, Kandinsky and Rothko.

Timothy is the recipient of numerous awards and prizes and has sold work in Australia, the U.S and the U.K. He has completed 3 en plein air painting tours at Mornington Peninsula in 2018, Gippsland in 2020 and Northern New South Wales in 2022. He now creates large abstract works in oil with paint applied gesturally and impasto, with an emphasis on colour, light, texture, repetition, space and overall design. He has developed a unique approach to these formal qualities over his 27 years of practice and seeks always to explore more deeply the relationship between painting and music.

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