Tang A Pau – Wild Vietnam

Pau LE Mag July 2023

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Live Encounters Magazine July 2023

Wild Vietnam, photo feature by Tang A Pau.

Special thanks to Nguyen Thuy Hoa, Head of VOV International Cooperation Department, Hanoi, for making this happen.

This photo feature is best viewed in the pdf.

The following images are but a few of wild Vietnam.  A country that is home to 962 species of birds. This is truly the natural heritage of this country that was once decimated by war. Nature has slowly returned in all her glory.

Come, experience wild Vietnam with Tang.

Pau Vietnam 01 LE Mag July 2023

Pau Vietnam 02 LE Mag July 2023

Pau Vietnam 03 LE Mag July 2023

Pau Vietnam 04 LE Mag July 2023

Pau Vietnam 05 LE Mag July 2023

Pau Vietnam 06 LE Mag July 2023

Pau Vietnam 07 LE Mag July 2023

Pau Vietnam 08 LE Mag July 2023

© Tang A Pau

Tang A Pau is a professional photographer living in Saigon. He has 15 years of experience. He is a volunteer photographer with ICF Asia (International Crane Foundation) and of some National Parks in Vietnam. Tang’s stories are usually about the natural beauty of places, and species at risk, and encourage environmental awareness. He hopes through his experience and photographs he can highlight all the great benefits that Nature has to offer in Vietnam. Publications: 2021 – Co-author, Birds of Vietnam. Co-author, Atlas of Cattien National Park.

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