Mikyoung Cha – Armenia – Symphony of the Stones

Cha LE Mag July 2023

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Live Encounters Magazine July 2023

Armenia – Symphony of the Stones, photo feature by Mikyoung Cha.

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In the Highlands of West Asia lies the landlocked country of Armenia. It is amongst the earliest Christian civilisations. Perhaps one of the most stunning natural monuments in Armenia is the Symphony of the Stones. It can be found in the province of Kotayk. The natural formation of volcanic rock that appear to be defying gravity in massive symmetric hexagon and pentagon columns. This formation is also called ‘Basalt Organ Pipes’. These photographs are but a mere glimpse of this truly ancient Christian land.

Cha Armenia 02

Cha Armenia 03

Cha Armenia 04

Cha Armenia 05

Cha Armenia 06

Cha Armenia 07

© Mikyoung Cha

Mikyoung Cha is a graduate in Oriental Painting from Hyosung Women’s University, Daegu, South Korea. She has participated in a number of group art exhibitions in South Korea and Japan. In 2016 she took up photography – the camera becoming her paint brush. This globe trotting photographer is a regular contributor to Live Encounters Magazine.

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