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J Gocher LE Mag July 2023

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Live Encounters Magazine July 2023

Morocco Mosaic, photo feature by Jill Gocher.

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Morocco is such a vast and diverse country it’s difficult to encapsulate in just a few photos. From the chilly ruggedness of the High Atlas to the vast expanses of the Sahara, cosmopolitan Tangier and bustling Marrakech, to the long littoral facing the Atlantic, it’s physically stunning but through the whole country there exists a thread of essential Moroccan flavour.

What I attempt to do here is to impart the feeling of this strange and somewhat mysterious country. It is a place where things are hidden and only slowly revealed. The women hide behind veils. The exteriors of the dwellings are plain, even drab, yet the interiors can contain great riches and richness. Narrow alleyways that twist and turn through the various medina or marketplace confuse reveal surprises at every turn – confusing to the unaccustomed visitor.

The light and shade, the history and architecture, and most of all, the warmth of the people reveal themselves slowly.

Ancient trade routes passed through the sub-Sahara, where long trains of laden camels would bring valuable treasures to distant markets. While these trade routes are no longer, they leave a legacy of enigmatic buildings and scattered oases. Caravanserais would accommodate these camel trains overnight, while their leaders would catch up on local gossip, chatting over endless cups of the ubiquitous mint tea. Today we are left with the memories, while bustling Marrakech entertains a new kind of visitor.

Gocher Morocco 01 LE Mag July 2023

Gocher Morocco 02 LE Mag July 2023

Gocher Morocco 03 LE Mag July 2023

Gocher Morocco 04 LE Mag July 2023

Gocher Morocco 05 LE Mag July 2023

Gocher Morocco 06 LE Mag July 2023

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Jill Gocher, a Bali based international photographer, has spent her life exploring and enjoying Asian cultures. Her work has appeared in National Geographic, Time, International Herald Tribune, Asia Spa, Discovery, Silver Kris and many more. Her books – Asia’s legendary Hotels, Periplus, Bali- Island of Light – Marshall Cavendish, Indonesia – Islands of the Imagination. Periplus, Australia – the land down under – Times Editions, Singapore, Indonesia – the last paradise – Times Editions. She has held exhibitions in Singapore, Kathmandu, and Bali. Photojournalist + Media Consultant, AmazonPage: www.amazon.com/author/jillgocher
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