Wolfgang Widmoser – Still Lifes – Artwork

Wolfgang Widmoser LE Mag V2 Dec 2022

Download PDF Here  13th Anniversary
Live Encounters Magazine Volume Two December 2022.

Still Lifes, artworks by Wolfgang Widmoser, Austrian Surrealist Painter, Bali, Indonesia.

A still life is an arrangement of objects on a table.
A painting is an arrangement of colored brushstrokes on a canvas.
The objects contain a specific energy.
When flooded by light they are clearly visible to the observer.
Contemplating their shapes certain qualities are revealed.

A story emerges as the individuals start to interact.
– Look at me – the marble exclaims – the light concentrates in my heart
and gets reflected on my skin as I mirror the sun –
– I unfold like a galaxy – the shell is singing – and my skin is filled with diamonds –
sending flickering rainbows across my surface –
The plate is resting in woven fabric with intriguing patterns and dreams –

I am the garden of Eden
A playground for all my visitors
– a shell in a plate –
– a baby in a womb –
– a galaxy in the universe –

01 Wolfgang Widmoser LEMag V2 Dec 2022

02 Wolfgang Widmoser LEMag V2 Dec 2022

03 Wolfgang Widmoser LEMag V2 Dec 2022

04 Wolfgang Widmoser LEMag V2 Dec 2022

05 Wolfgang Widmoser LEMag V2 Dec 2022

06 Wolfgang Widmoser LEMag V2 Dec 2022

07 Wolfgang Widmoser LEMag V2 Dec 2022

© Wolfgang Widmoser

Born in Munich 1954. 1973 studied with Ernst Fuchs and Salvador Dali. 1970 he painted still-lives in Switzerland introducing curved mirrors which reflect objects in most surprising ways and led to a proposal for the –elegant Universe. Moving to Toscany in 1980 landscape and atmospheric effects crystallized to intense, portraits of nature. Since 1984 living in Bali. In his search for the- abstract. Papua New Guinea – Warriors combine the archaic with the futuristic. Wolfgang’s motto – aesthetic = ethic – points to places where humans experience the Good, the True and the Beautiful.

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