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Jill Gocher – The Rejangs

Profile Gocher LEMag June 2021

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Live Encounters Magazine June 2021

Jill Gocher, a Bali based international photographer, has spent her life exploring and enjoying Asian cultures. Her work has appeared in National Geographic, Time, International Herald Tribune, Asia Spa, Discovery, Silver Kris and many more. Her books – Asia’s legendary Hotels, Periplus, Bali- Island of Light – Marshall Cavendish, Indonesia – Islands of the Imagination. Periplus, Australia – the land down under – Times Editions, Singapore, Indonesia – the last paradise – Times Editions. She has held exhibitions in Singapore, Kathmandu, and Bali. Photojournalist + Media Consultant, AmazonPage:  instagram jillgocher

01 Gocher LE Mag June 2021

02 Gocher LE Mag June 2021

03 Gocher LE Mag June 2021

04 Gocher LE Mag June 2021

05 Gocher LE Mag June 2021

06 Gocher LE Mag June 2021

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