Patricia Fitzgerald – Mandala for July

Profile Patricia Fitzgerald Live Encounters Magazine July 2017

Mantra of the Mandala for July by Patricia Fitzgerald, Irish Mandala Artist, Healing Creations.

Vortex Math Mandala by Patricia Fitzgerald“As above, so below.”

“As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…”  Hermes Trismegistus

This famous quote can be interpreted in many ways. In this mandala I feel the meaning to be ‘As above’: as in Heaven (your own mind or higher self) ‘So below’ So on Earth, within your body and within the environment  If we think good, good will follow; if we think bad, bad will follow.  ‘As within’ – What we think within ourselves will be reflected on world in which we live. Whatever we think, believe or accept (both consciously and unconsciously) will be the circumstances of our lives. It is a powerful concept to contemplate and one that gives us hope and knowledge that we have the choice to grow and develop into our best potential.


Patricia studied Visual Education and Communication at Dun Laoghaire College of Art & Design (IADT) and holds a first class honours degree in Philosophy and Sociology from University College, Dublin. Her first book Healing Creations: Discover your mindful self through mandala colouring and journaling was published in September 2016 by The Collins Press. She hosts workshops on the art of mandala and meditation both in Ireland and abroad.

© Patricia Fitzgerald

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