Patricia Fitzgerald – Mandala for June

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Mantra of the Mandala for June by Patricia Fitzgerald, Irish Mandala Artist, Healing Creations.

Enlightenment Mandala for June © Patricia FitzgeraldEnlightenment

This mandala seeks to balance opposites. The circle and the square. The circle symbolizes the feminine, the left, intuition, the dark, spirit and the mystical. The square represents the masculine, the right, logic, light, matter and the physical.

These are energies that are embodied in each and every one of us regardless of gender. Seeking to balance and harmonise both the feminine and masculine qualities within us will lead us to greater flow in life. Both in the physical and in the spiritual. When one is in flow or balance, one’s life seems to happen almost without apparent effort. Doors open easily and opportunities present themselves.

By meditating on this piece and these qualities within the self, you can begin to bring awareness, balance and flow into being.


Patricia studied Visual Education and Communication at Dun Laoghaire College of Art & Design (IADT) and holds a first class honours degree in Philosophy and Sociology from University College, Dublin. Her first book Healing Creations: Discover your mindful self through mandala colouring and journaling was published in September 2016 by The Collins Press. She hosts workshops on the art of mandala and meditation both in Ireland and abroad.

© Patricia Fitzgerald

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