Mark Ulyseas – Feeding the Demons

Ever since the election of the 45th President of the USA, the media in the USA has been flooded with abuse aimed not just at the President but also the women in his family. The endless live streaming of such abuse has seeped into social media to a point where it has infected even the sanest of people.  It is as if all these commenters have been afflicted by a virus that feeds the demons within them – the phobias. Perhaps it also is a projection of their own insignificant lives spent from paying one bill to another. This abuse is really a reflection of who they are, the meanness and frustration that resides within and the unfulfilled life struggling to find coherence, to find a place in the spotlight.

What is being overlooked in the abuse is not the number of people who didn’t vote for this president, but how many did. Apparently 61 plus million people voted for him. The fact that so many people voted for him is indicative of the state of mind of the populace whatever the puerile pundits may say.

The problem lies not with the 45th President but with the political system – two mafia families fighting over the spoils of an immigrant country. The 44th President is held up like the Holy Grail. Unfortunately, all US Presidents post World War II have been War Presidents…interfering in the affairs of others countries… propping up despots then removing them…creating/arming insurgent groups…creating monsters that take on a life of their own… unleashing murder and mayhem on innocent civilians. Further, behaving like the world’s gendarme but in reality being a thug. Now the result of this thuggery has bred a pathological hatred for the country and hence the rising acts of so called religious violence.

The label ‘religious fundamentalism’ can be applied to certain followers of any religion if they resort to violent behaviour. However, the mantra now is Islam. Previously it was Communism. Tomorrow, who knows, it may be Hinduism.

US media and the citizens are concerned for their own rights and privileges regardless of the havoc wreaked on the rest of the world. And this is where the problem lies. And this is why ‘all roads used to lead to Washington’ where countries were bought and sold. The majority of citizens who were impervious, and still are to a great extent, to the shenanigans of elected leaders as long as their own lives were/are not disrupted now face the bitter reality that the foundation on which the immigrant country was created is like a sand castle. And that all roads, now, do not lead to Washington but to Beijing and Moscow.

The day US citizens and the media, as a whole, hold their government accountable for its omissions and commissions not just in the country but elsewhere, then and only then will change come about. Unfortunately, one must first be the change. And this is not happening because of inbred parochialism fed exclusively on a diet of a creatively written history of the nation based primarily on deluded exceptionalism.

For those who have used the term ‘breaking the glass ceiling’ with reference to an immigrant woman becoming president have arrogantly overlooked the fact that this should always be in reference to an indigenous person of Turtle Island becoming the president, not anyone else.

The wake-up call came in the aftermath of 9/11…the murderous assault on Iraq, a country that did no harm to the USA… the destruction of its ancient societies and the rise of ISIS…but not many paid  heed, they just went back to their ball game.

So to sum it up… abusing the 45th President and all that he stands for is actually abusing the 61+ million fellow citizens who voted for him…kind of like spitting in a fellow citizen’s face.

Carry on by all means but please spare the rest of us on social media from the self-righteous sanctimonious drivel.

Here is a little advice from Mahatma Gandhi
“Be the Change You Wish to See in the World”

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om

© Mark Ulyseas, May 28, 2017

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