Mark Ulyseas – A Middle East Nuclear Missile Crisis?

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A Middle East Nuclear Missile Crisis? by Mark Ulyseas

I have received a message from an unknown source which claims that Russia, in response to the unilateral US air strikes on a Syrian airbase, has put in motion the transfer of SSC-X-8 cruise missiles with nuclear warheads to Syria. The missiles are intended to ‘protect’ its interests in Syria – the Tartus base and the Assad regime – and to send a message to the US and other countries hostile to the Syrian regime that the red line has been drawn.

Is this message authentic? How can this be verified? How can anything be verified in matters related to Syria when there are no credible independent sources?

I wouldn’t be surprised if this message turns out to be a fait accompli. This assumption is based on events beginning with the first Iraq War, leading to the Arab Spring or nightmare as the case may be, and finally to the present bloody mess that is Syria and Iraq. It has nothing to do with either Islam or oil. It has to do with getting rid of the Russians from Syria and the influence they wield along with their friend, Iran. Turkey, which is in the cross hairs of the European Union, has mended fences with the Russians for its own survival as a regional power. 

Experts on either side of the spectrum have been presenting their version of the facts. These folks continue to be backed by a partisan media that has shamelessly perverted the truth. Here is how the US missile strike on a Syrian Airbase was reported:

– A total of 59 [missiles] targeted aircraft, hardened aircraft shelters, petroleum and logistical storage, ammunition supply bunkers, air defense systems, and radars,” said Pentagon spokesman Jeff Davis. Total seven people were killed, including a General in the Syrian Army. –

– 20 to 25 aircraft destroyed. Upto 20% (?) of Syrian planes destroyed. (Syrian air force has around approx. 262 strike aircraft).

– The attack resulted in the deaths of five soldiers and nine civilians and the wounding of thirteen women and children who were in the nearby Shayrat village.

The continued twisted reportage on Syria is intended to deliberately create a truth that is easily digestible by gullible supporters at home. Meanwhile, ISIS and all those unholy gentlemen continue their rampage. And, they could be cheering on the side lines of an impending military face-off between USA and Russia.

Perhaps it is time to call out the countries that have been singularly responsible for creating the dangerous situation in the first place, the USA and its sidekick UK – beginning with the first Iraq War.

In the coming weeks we will know whether Russia has transferred some SSC-X-8 cruise missiles with nuclear warheads to Syria or not.

Will this be Trump’s version of the Cuban Missile Crisis?

In the meanwhile, all we can do is pray that the business tycoon in the White House will defer further unilateral military action against the Syrian regime. Negotiation and consensus between USA and Russia is the only way forward.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om

April 14, 2017


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