02 FEBRUARY 2017

Dr Howard Richards – The Future of the United States of America
Dr Ashok Sharma – Indian Lobbying and its Influence in US Decision Making: Post-Cold War
Dr Cynthia Banham – Civil Society Resistance in Liberal Democracies in a Time of Rising Non-Accountability
Dr Namrata Goswami – China is gearing up to conquer its final frontier: Outer Space
David Morgan – A World of Strange Errors
Cauvery – The Life of the Nation is a Daily Plebiscite
Chaitanya Guttikar – The Salt Prints – II
Emma Barone – Underwater Dream
Joo Peter – Myanmar – A Cosmos to Discover
Mark Ulyseas – Nationalism and the Herd
Mikyoung Cha – Sea Fever
Ozlem Warren – Chocolate Cake with Red Peppers Flakes for Valentine’s Day!

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