4: Tony Bartram – Agents of Change

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Masumi’s Story – Agents of Change by Tony Bartram, a former teacher / principal retired to devote his life to protecting the marine environment and particularly Cetaceans, around Kangaroo Island and Victor Harbor, South Australia.

After 47 years as an educator I believe learners of all ages need to become actively involved in their own learning, particularly today, to reestablish their attachment to the Earth and the elements which sustain life, developing the skills and understandings of true stewardship.  The marine environment is the ideal vessel for stimulating successful, challenging and harmonious learning situations. I live overlooking beautiful Pelican Lagoon Aquatic Reserve on Kangaroo Island, with my wife; a fellow teacher and marine advocate. Our passion is spreading the message about reengagement through our environment, conservation and protection of the marine environment, global conservation and preservation of cetaceans, and taking the Dolphin Watch model “to the world”.

Kangaroo Island / Victor Harbor Dolphin Watch is an award winning community volunteer project in partnership with WDC, unobtrusively monitoring dolphin populations in South Australia, on Kangaroo Island since 2005 and Victor Harbor since 2011. Scientists and dedicated volunteers of all ages collaborate on effective “Citizen Science” developing understandings of custodianship of these fascinating creatures and their habitats, collecting vital baseline data to globally inform practice, creating a sustainable, longitudinal study of extraordinary international significance.

www.youtube.com/watch?v=anzmDpk4Nvs  “Kangaroo Island / Victor Harbor Dolphin Watch – 10 Years”



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