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Guest Editorial – Wildlife as Persons: Tantalising New Ways To See Our Wild Kin by Dr Margi Prideaux, International wildlife policy writer, negotiator and academic.

Margi Prideaux an international wildlife policy writer, negotiator and academic, with a PhD in wildlife policy and law. She has worked within the conservation movement for 27 years, writing to inform policy audiences in more than 20 different international conservation processes.

Her forthcoming book Birdsong After the Storm: Global Environmental Governance, Civil Society and Wildlife speaks to the need for local community participation at the international governance table to secure what is precious in the face of an unprecedented ‘storm’ of environmental and political change facing the world.

She is writing a second book, Wild Tapestry: Weaving Wildlife Survival. Her articles are published on openDemocracy, Global Policy, AlterNet and Ecologist and a number of academic journals.

She is a member of the Australian Society of Authors and a Fellow with the International League of Conservation Writers.

As well as writing, she divides her time and affiliation as the Policy and Negotiations Director with Wild Migration, as a Research Associate with the Indo-Pacific Governance Research Centre






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