4: Donna Mulvenna – King of the Amazon Rainforest


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King of the Amazon Rainforest by Donna Mulvenna, horticulturalist and nature writer living in the Amazon rainforest in French Guiana and the author of Wild Roots – Coming Alive in the French Amazon.

Her writing offers readers a close-up glimpse into the fascinating world within the rainforest, reveals the profound effect it has on each of us and encourages people to form a personal connection with the natural world.

It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to people who are not her kind of wild, but Donna left behind decades of corporate writing to write solely about nature, sport, health, and living simply and sustainably — in essence, her code for living a good life. Today she refuses to own a mobile phone, rarely wears shoes, and is passionate about living on a plant-based diet.

When she isn’t writing from her treetop office, swinging in a hammock or reading from a sea kayak somewhere off the coast, she is hurtling along the wild, untamed rivers of the Amazon rainforest in a sprint canoe.

“Happiness does find us,” she says. “We just need to slow down and be a bit easier on ourselves. Only then can we discover a world of wonder, excitement, and adventure, and gain a true sense of where we are heading and why.”

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