3: Sourav Jourdar – Durga Puja


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Durga Puja, photographs by Sourav Jourdar

Dreaming dreams and capturing moments of the moving life-small and big,bitter and sweet- through the lens is what I am living for. I, Sourav Jourdar, 30, have been worked as a photographer for the North Bengal Bureau of *The Statesman* since the end of 2008 to 2013. Right now works as a photographer of *UTTARBANGA SAMBAD* the largest circulated daily in this region. Born and brought up in Siliguri, a cosmopolitan town in Darjeeling district of Bengal known as the Gateway to the Northeast, I completed my education in 2004. After that I joined a private bank car finance department in 2005. But it was a compulsion, having nothing to do with my passion. My first love being photography, I somehow carried on to support to my mother. She kept grappling with pecuniary hardships since my father died an untimely death. I could not do any kind of photography courses for the same reason. I just kept on clicking pictures for my own pleasure and nurturing dreams that someday my passion would help me get a profession after my heart. Siliguri played its role in having instilled this passion in me with its exquisite natural charm. I am unshakably convinced that this is the only profession in the world that would never make one bored. Life keeps changing from moment to moment and it is a delight to capture the ephemeral beauty of passing life to make it enduring in Time. However, my passion is to present the commonplace in a way that makes it look something out of the common.





© Sourav Jourdar

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