3: Luciana Ferrero – Tenganan Pegringsingan


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Tenganan Pegringsingan, photographs by Luciana Ferrero.

From Italy. Lived in Indonesia for 38 years, worked as a translator/ interpreter. Started interest in photography in the 70s when working for a photographer in Barcelona.  Left this passion for many years as I lived in various jungle areas of Indonesia and resumed photography when digital cameras appeared. After deciding to leave my work, moved to Bali and concentrated on photographing the traditions of a “disappearing Bali”. With the fast pace of progress probably the traditions of Bali and other parts of Indonesia will not last very long and I travel around to document them.

My favorite place in Bali is the village of Tenganan Pegrinsingan where the autochthonous people of Bali live, the Aga. They have unique ceremonies and dances that I document on a regular basis.

Another documentation project I have concerns the Sikerei group of the Mentawai islands. They too are at great risk of disappearance and I document their daily life in the long houses.





© Luciana Ferrero

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